What are the mental programs that you follow, and how do you affect the people you are dealing with? Ain’t your strategies working for you, and are you reaching your life objectives, or do you feel stuck in life, or at work?

Whatever the situation may be like, I offer executive coaching and mentoring, and I am flexible with regards to the preferred location (can even be done remotely through Skype, when we have a more established relationship). I can offer this in English as well as in Danish. This platform will be aligned with your particular challenges and goals.

The importance of the unconscious mind should be emphasized. If the unconscious mind does not support your goal, you may be undermining your own effort. I make use of NLP and hypnosis therapy to support the sessions when applicable, but it is of course only done per mutual agreement and in great discretion.

We have several years of coaching and mentoring experience and a massive toolbox to be applied in our sessions. Coaching & mentoring can be used in combination with our other platforms to improve the outcome.

I can also offer this in combination with longer walks, i.e. from 1 to 3 days (see the video below).