I am a positive and caring man, a proud father, and a devoted husband, in the best period of my life.

I graduated as a Software Engineer and have worked in many different businesses since 1990, both in Denmark as well as internationally.

My professional background consists of a 29 year long career in the technology space in Denmark as well as internationally (refer to my LinkedIn profile), out of which, 22 has been in leadership positions with increasing responsibility. Amongst my specialities are Agile methodologies, and I was among they early adopters.. Needless to say, that all these experiences have given me valuable insights, as I have seen a lot of good and evil. Also, I have probably stepped on several mines myself, as I tried to learn the trade. These insights and experiences are fuelling my passion, and are the very reason I have started my own company. 

Mastery is very important to me, and I will always be a geek with regards to my interests. These years I am mostly “geekish” in leadership and psychology, and I am pursuing a master degree in NLP & hypnosis based neuro psychotherapy. 

I have always been ahead of my time with regards to contemporary leadership methods, and I would love to help you with your challenges too. I am very persistent, and don’t give up until the problem has been taken care of. I believe it is my purpose in life to help organizations and other people to transcend the limiting beliefs and structures, and this explains my passion for sustainable leadership and organizations.

My personal interests comprise Scottish bagpipe music (I am a piper), all-grain beer brewing, self development, psychology, nature & hunting, travelling and many others.

I am also engaged in a professional partnership with psychologist Marlene Lyby through our virtual corporation MiraiMinds. This is a strong setup bringing together the fields of business and psychology.

I am now mainly working under the umbrella of www.dinhypnoseterapeut.dk

“The future is already here. It is just not evenly distributed”

(William Gibson).